Starting Out

This blog is all about my experiences starting my own online business.  I am a stay-at-home mom with a 4-month old, and with virtually no income besides my husband’s tutoring job while he is in school.  I went back to school online, and one of the course choices (and the only one I could take online) for my major was Business 250 (I’m a Marriage and Family Studies Major with an emphasis on Home and Family Living so this was a bit odd).  The first week of class they told us we would actually start our own business online.  I stink with computers and I don’t have any ideas for an online business.  That is why I named my blog the smallest tadpole in the pond.  My nickname growing up was Tadpole because my initials were TAD.  Starting out this business, I literally feel like a little tadpole in a big old pond.  But maybe this is what my family needs.  There are a couple site builders that are inexpensive, and if my business takes off I can remain at home and bring in some added income.  As we discussed business ideas and business models this week, my anxiety is starting to lessen.  I even have a few ideas.  My sister is great at photography, but so far the only pictures she takes are for our family and the children she babysits.  Maybe I can set up a site for her and receive a commission for each new client or picture sold.  My parents also have an alpaca farm and have long been trying to sell products made from Alpaca Fiber.  I may also be able to set up a site for them, and once again receive a commission from their sales.  My last and probably my favorite idea is to create another blog about my experiences as a first time parent while still struggling through school.  I know there are lots of other people out there going through similar situations but there aren’t a lot of resources for us.  Religion also plays a huge part in my parenting so I may do a few articles on that.  The blog would mostly be about parenting ideas, shopping on a budget, crafts for kids, balancing school and being a mom, cheap and yummy meal ideas, quotes to keep you going, and products that work for your child when nothing else does.  My income would be from either side advertisements, or maybe payments from companies for talking about their product.  For example, my daughter has a hard time sucking and can’t keep a pacifier in.  The only brand she can keep in her mouth is Avent Orthodontic Silicone Pacifiers.  They work really well for her.  People may not pay me for writing and recommending their products until the blog gets more popular though.  I like all three ideas, however the third idea is the one I am most excited about and keep coming up with ideas for.  I may even be able to incorporate the other two into the blog.  Below are a couple of sites that I found useful and want to come back to for more guidance through the process of starting this business.

This site had ideas on how to come up with different business ideas and products.  It also had a list of other websites that had ideas of products.

This site was very helpful in finding what business model would work best for different kinds of products.

This was a very helpful clip about how to search keywords about your product to see how many hits they get on the internet.

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